Resilient Infrastructure Systems

The objective of this research thrust is to foster an interdisciplinary research that discovers new knowledge, modeling, simulation, data, and informatics tools for the design and operation of built environment infrastructure as processes and services. Our research interest in this area also focuses on investigation of the adaptation of human-infrastructure to the impacts of climate change.The envisioned outcome of this research thrust is integrated frameworks consist of new models, metrics, and data architectures to enhance the understanding and design of interdependent critical infrastructure systems (ICIs) and processes based assessment stakeholders and network behaviors.

Ongoing Projects

System-of-Systems Assessment of Resilience in Infrastructure Networks

The objective of this study is to create a system-of-systems framework for an integrated assessment of resilience across different levels of analysis. The goal is to develop a novel theoretical lens to identify sustainable strategies for improving the resilience of communities and enterprises against natural disasters based on a robust analysis of risks and opportunities and roles of different stakeholders.


David Vaughn (Fluor)

Dr. Jeffrey Plumblee (Fluor)


Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience in Transportation Infrastructure

The objective of this study is to investigate the drivers and barriers towards operationalizing resilience in design, construction, operation, management of transportation infrastructure systems. Integrated new tools, methodologies, and metrics are created to facilitate incorporation of risks and vulnerabilities in assessment of resilience in transportation infrastructure at the asset and network levels.


Dr. Emel Ganapati (Public Policy @ FIU)

Dr. David Guo (Public Policy @ FIU)

Dr. Semra Comu (Bogazici University)


Integrated Assessment of Resilience in Infrastructure

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