Integrated Performance Assessment

In the midst of the growing disparity between the demand for infrastructure renewal, which is $3.6 billion according to the 2012 ASCE Scorecard,  and the supply of constrained resources, the efficient use of available resources through enhancement of the performance of construction projects is critical. Thus, any effort to investigate strategies for the enhancement of the performance of construction projects will be significant since a dollar saved as a result of enhanced project performance could be spent to build more infrastructure projects. The objective of this research thrust is to create integrated theories, models, and metrics for assessment of performance in complex engineering and construction projects.

Ongoing Projects

Investigation of Emergent Properties in Complex Construction Projects

The objective of this project is to create an integrated methodology to investigate the impacts of emergent properties on the performance of complex construction projects. This project explores the type and nature of emergent properties in complex project organizations and their impacts on the overall performance of projects.

Improving Project Progress and Performance Assessment

The objective of this project is to investigate core metrics and indicators that provide true insight into project progress and performance assessment. This research will adress the following essential question: How can we better assess project progress and performance, and provide data for future project improvement? What are the more useful parameters and indicators?

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Funding Agency

Construction Industry Institute (CII)



Dr. Edward Jaselskis (NC State)

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