Automated Construction Safety Planning, Monitoring, and Control

Safety accidents are one of the major chellenges in construction industry across the globe. Safety hazards on construction projects are driven by various interconnected variables. For example, the dynamic and complex nature of construction sites leads to layouts and motions that increase the vulnerability of workers and equipment to struck-by accidents. Hence, solving the safety problem in construction projects requires solution concepts that automatically capture these complex interactions during the planning and execution phases of projects. Our objective in this research thrust is to create interdiciplinary models and tools to foster automated safety planning, monitoring, and control in construction projects.

Ongoing Projects

 Automated Safety Planning and Monitoring of Struck-by Safety Hazards


The objective of this research project is to create an integarted framework for: (1) predictive assessment of struck-by hazards based on an integrated evaluation of the construction site layout, dynamic behaviors of workers and equipment, and the sequence of construction activities, and (2) proactive monitoring of the dynamics of construction sites to identify hazardous configurations and take corrective actions to eliminate them. The following videos demosntrate the prototype experiments for monitoring struck-by hazards using robust algorithms based on montion-planning approach and non-invasive and inexpensive sensors.

Dr. Leonardo Bobadilla, CS @ FIU

Winston Newman, Safety Manager, Balfour Beatty


Real-time monitoring of hazardous conditions surrounding a moving equipment

Automated safety planning and hazard analysis of construction jobsitese

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