Research Thrusts

The research team at I-SoS Research Group focuses on solving the challenges pertaining to the sustainability and resilience of civil systems at the interface of the infrastructure, economy, environment and society. Examples of these challenges include demand-supply disparity, decay of reliability and resilience in infrastructure networks, need for water and energy efficient facilities, protection of communities during extreme events, and the efficient use of limited natural, physical, human, and financial resources. These problems are often large in scale and multidisciplinary, thereby requiring solution concepts that consider engineering and science simultaneously. The team focuses on different research thrusts to create tranformative solutions for these grand challenegs based on System-of-Systems (SoS) analysis, computational simulation, and quantitative data analysis models.


Past Projects

Assessment of Cascading Failures and Collective Recovery of Interdependent Critical Infrastructure in Catastrophic Disasters: A Study of 2015 Earthquake in Nepal


Area: Resilience; Interdependent Critical Infrastructure

Collaborators: Drs. Ganapati and Pradhananga (FIU)


Urban Water Innovation Networks (U-WIN): Transitioning Toward Sustainable Water Systems

(U-WIN Sustainability Research Network)


Area: Resilience and Climate Adaptation; Urban Sustainability

Collaborators: All PIs in U-WIN Network


Improving Project Progress and Performance Assessment


Area: Project Management

Collaborators: Dr. Jaselskis (NC State)


Strategies for Leaning: Augmented Reality and Collaborative Problem-Solving


Area: Sustainability; Engineering Education

Collaborators: Drs. Vassigh, Davis, and Lin (FIU); Drs. Behzadan and Newman


Development of LCA and LCCA for Pavement Type Selection


Area: Sustainability

Collaborators: Dr. Bienvenu (FIU)


Estimating Total Cost of Bridge Construction using ABC and Conventional Methods of Construction


Area: Project Management

Collaborators: Drs. Hadi and Orabi (FIU)


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